Direct Milan Piacenza

Travel from 40 to 60 minutes, three trains per hour, Piacenza is better connected to Milan than many towns of the metropolitan suburbs. We explore Piacenza as a place to work and place the company headquarters. How much does it … Read More

Activity based working: the workplace that puts the individual at the centre

The workforce seeks autonomy and freedom of choice. The solution is called ABW: flexible and diversified workspaces according to the needs of workers ACTIVITY BASED WORKING IS THE FUTURE OF OPEN SPACE The open space office seems to have failed: … Read More

Banco dei Medici: notes on company organization

An international network, politics, managers in the right place. The rise and decline of the enterprise that transformed the Medici into the most famous Renaissance family “Money in the bank!” So the Americans say to indicate someone or something to … Read More

Lights and shadows of the work remotely: 4 advantages and 4 disadvantages

Teleworking means flexibility, autonomy and productivity, but also stress, loneliness and an unstable life-work balance. As remote work becomes more and more widespread, it is worth analysing its costs and benefits.   FOUR ADVANTAGES   Flexible work attracts talent and expands the … Read More

Smart is beautiful: because in the office we can not disregard aesthetics

Efficiency and beauty are not two conflicting values, on the contrary. In workspace design, they represent two drivers that underpin the company’s culture Combining beauty with the functionality of an object or a physical space has always been the challenge … Read More

Work Design, a new project for the health of employees in the office

«Work Design for Health»: an innovative program developed by researchers from Harvard Chan School and MIT Sloan School of Management offers employers an effective alternative to employee welfare programs. The new study «Work Design for Health – Redesign of Work … Read More

How do I create an agile office?

Having completed twenty-something agile offices in my career, I know that the devil is in the details, or, more appropriately, in the hidden folds of design! After what many consider a terrible year, with only a few glimmers of hope, … Read More

Hospitality and workspace blend: the future is a hotel-office hybrid

The hospitality sector is transforming toward an increased integration with the workspace world. New needs that are reflected in a profound transformation of the spaces in which we live and work. One of the trends is towards an increasingly greater … Read More