Wonder Event Space Milano

Wonder - Event Space Milano

Corporate Events

Meetings, corporate events, learning sessions, and training in a historical and elegant setting.

Temporary Retail

Temporary and pop-up stores just a few steps away from the Duomo, in a picturesque and fully customizable location.

Product Launches

Collection and product launches: An event tailored to showcase the products and companies of our clients.

Offered Services

Event Management

Staff and technical support for event organization and management.


Customized solutions with a dedicated menu.


Fast connection for all tenants


Welcome, customer and guest management


Wonder Event Space

Via Meravigli 4
20123 Milano MI

+39 02 9974 9975

Tailor-made events, in the heart of Milan.

Wonder Event Space is the event venue that compliments and enriches the services of Meravili-House of Business.

Wonder Event Space, with its four hundred square meters spread across five rooms and its simple yet elegant style, can host events of all kinds: corporate and private events, as well as temporary retail and fashion showrooms

The event space is located on the ground floor and features three entrances, including two storefronts with direct access and a main entrance in the reception area. The space is equipped with heating and cooling systems, internet connection, lighting, storage, and two restroom facilities.

The setup and finish are intentionally neutral and adaptable to the customization needs of the clients. Therefore, the Event Management service aims to create fully tailored events.