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March 15th 2024

In-person Work vs Remote Work: Opportunity or Risk?

A comparison and aperitif together, with the goal of exploring the theme of the dichotomy between in-person and remote work and identifying useful takeaways.


Palazzo Isola Nova opens its doors to the business community of the Lagoon to inaugurate a series of events focusing on the most relevant topics in the new frontier of office work.


The event will be structured so that participants can engage in discussions on the current topic of remote work, leveraging the experience of Andrea Guida, the moderator of the meeting and an expert in high-performance collaboration, will facilitate the discussion and also give participants the opportunity to share their insights, fostering a productive exchange of ideas.
Moreover, the event will conclude with a networking cocktail session, providing an opportunity for selected participants to network and connect.

18:00 ~ Welcome & Workshop – Report & Discussion on the topic “In-office Work vs Remote Work: Opportunity or Risk?”

20:00 ~ Aperitif & Networking – Stella invites participants to meet, get to know each other, and exchange business opportunities.

Given the limited spots available, we invite you to register at this link to participate.

Guiding us on this journey to explore the dichotomy between in-person work and remote work will be Andrea Guida, Head of Product & Experience Engineering at Stella, as well as GM & Founder of CO – Collaboration in Organizations. Andrea will guide participants through the complexity of the topic, approached from the perspective of companies that, since the post-pandemic period, have increasingly faced it.

Even before the pandemic, in fact, in some tertiary sectors, remote work was beginning to emerge as a viable alternative to office work: the goal pursued was mainly to improve the quality of life of employees, thereby enhancing engagement and retention as well.. This trend, during and after the Covid-19 pandemic, has transformed into a sort of acquired mode of working, in the name of increased efficiency – “working less to work better” – and cost reduction – fewer commutes, less space. In reality, the actusly disparity in dealing withthe remote working,trend we are witnessing, clearly shows how it is still a very delicate and controversial issue.

Is the problem choosing between remopte and in-presence work?
Which rules and approaches coudl be used to deal with this matter in the right way?
These questions – and their answers – will be at the center of the discussion on March 15th at the event organized by Stella at Palazzo Isola Nova.

The structure, with its 13,000 square meters and parking, will host an innovative Business Village and will therefore open its doors to companies and institutions in the area, offering offices, co-working spaces, business lounges, meeting rooms, and services. It will also become a venue for events serving the community itself.

Andrea Guida
Head of Product & Experience Engineering – Stella Workspace
GM & Founder di CO – Collaboration in Organizations

Drawing on decades of experience in designing collaborative initiatives globally, at Stella Workspaces, Andrea contributes to the creation of “performing spaces”: non-ordinary offices that not only inspire well-being (becoming places where people enjoy working) but also enhance productivity (becoming places where people work better). Andrea is an expert collaborative activity designer and facilitator with the MGT methodology.

Recently, Andrea has published a book for GueriniNext  namely“La cultura dell’incertezza. Come governare le organizzazioni in un mondo complesso attraverso systems leadership e co-design”

He has worked on every continent with leaders from the worlds of economics, industry, and politics, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and various international consulting firms.

Speaker, author, lecturer in Innovation and Intrapreneurship, he advises various organizations and collaborates with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) where he directs a master’s program on the topic of “Performing Spaces.”

Founding Curator of the Global Shapers Hub in Lugano for the World Economic Forum, since 2022 he is part of the Elis Fellow program in Rome. 

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